Our Wine

We are very excited to be the first to offer another wine from
Dave Matthews and The Dreaming Tree Wines.
When you get two people together who share the same passion, interesting things are bound to happen. Whether it’s finding the right notes and rhythms in a piece of music, or the right tones and flavors in a great bottle of wine, Steve and Dave know how to create something special that not only entertains, but really hits the spot. Like the saying goes – “Great minds drink alike”.
When Steve Reeder and Dave Matthews first met, they realized they had a few things in common, like a passion for making wine at least as strong as their passion for drinking it. They set out into wine country, looking for a way to make quality wines accessible to everyone. Along the way, they found inspiration in the down-to-earth characters and unforgettable flavors that give the region its rare kind of charm.
Cabernet Sauvignon (North Coast)
“When you’re working with Dave, you want to make sure whatever you’re doing has soul. The rhythm of our North Coast Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon highlights classic aromas of blackberry, cherry and herbal notes wrapped by toasted vanilla. It’s an easy-drinking wine with a lot of character.” – Steve Reeder
Chardonnay (Central Coast)
“When I first met Dave, we talked about making a Chardonnay that captured the distinct citrus notes of the Central Coast. With its big fruit and loads of spice, we think this wine lives up to that promise. We hope you agree.” – Steve Reeder
Crush – The Red Blend (North Coast)
“For Crush, Dave and I hand-selected a special blend of our favorite varieties to create a red wine that pulls you in with notes of smoky berry and a pop of raspberry jam. Around the dinner table or out on the patio, it’s a wine you’re going to want to share with your favorite people.” – Steve Reeder on his Dave Matthews wine collaboration
White Everyday Wine - Blended from select aromatic varietals that thrive in the central coast vineyards of Monterey County, Everyday is perfect as a sipping wine and it also goes well with spicy foods.” – Steve Reeder, winemaker
The environment’s important to us, and we’re pretty sure you feel the same. From the day we pick the grapes to the night you pop the cork, we’re making changes that add up along the way:
Clean Gas = Green Glass. Even though our bottles are brown we use clean burning natural gas to ensure blue skies over our grapevines.
We’d rather plant trees than cut ‘em down, which is why our labels are made with 100% recycled paper…
We figure the most significant part of your purchase should be the wine, not the bottle, so our bottles are 50% lighter than normal, and take a lot less fuel to get to your table…
Go ahead, pop a cork. We’ll grow more. Our corks are sustainably grown, just like they have been for hundreds of years.
Established in 2000 by owner Dave Matthews, Blenheim Vineyards is located 20 minutes southeast of Charlottesville. With three vineyard sites growing seven varieties, the goal at Blenheim Vineyards is to make high quality wines that reflect the climate, soil, and beauty of the surrounding Piedmont landscape.
We offer wines from both Dreaming Tree & Blenheim and to check our current wine list for what we have in stock at the time. All of our wines are available to purchase to-go.